Journal of engineering physics

, Volume 60, Issue 5, pp 591–596 | Cite as

Influence of nonideal plate contact on heat transfer in compact heat exchangers

  • Yu. I. Shanin
  • V. N. Fedoseev
  • O. I. Shanin


The experimental data obtained here and the corresponding analysis indicate the need to take account of thermal resistance in the contact zone of plates with the cooling system of the heat exchanger. This applies, above all, to heat exchangers of highly conducting material, in which the heating is from the unribbed plate, or multilayer heat exchangers. In these cases, stricter requirements must be imposed to ensure high-quality thermal contact of the plates with the cooling system.


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  • Yu. I. Shanin
  • V. N. Fedoseev
  • O. I. Shanin

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