Acute changes in renal function induced by bisoprolol, a new cardioselective beta-blocking agent


The acute effects of bisoprolol 10 mg i.v., a new beta1-selective adrenoceptor antagonist, on heart rate, mean blood pressure (mBP), glomerular filtration rate (GFR), para-aminohippuric acid clearance (CPAH), sodium clearance, urine volume and plasma renin activity (PRA), were studied in 6 patients with essential hypertension. Heart rate decreased by 23%, mBP remained unchanged, and GFR decreased by 14% and CPAH by 23%. PRA was depressed on average by 25%. Urine volume and sodium clearance also declined by 9 and 13%, respectively, but the changes were not statistically significant. The fall in heart rate was significantly correlated with that in GFR and CPAH. Changes in GFR were correlated significantly with those in CPAH. The acute changes in renal function induced by bisoprolol are considered to be due to a reduction in cardiac output and increased systemic vascular resistance.

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