Theoretical and Applied Climatology

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The influence of errors in precipitation measurements on the accuracy of the evaporation measurements performed by a class A evaporation pan

  • O. Bonacci


Since uncorrected precipitation measurements are used for calculating the evaporation measured by a class A pan, precipitation measurement errors are introduced into the evaporation results. In defining the total error of the evaporation measurement it is necessary to consider the fact that the class A pan orifice and the rain gauge orifice are at different elevations. This paper presents a model to estimate the average value for the total error of evaporation. It is also shown that the evaporation measured by a class A pan is smaller than the actual evaporation by between 5 and 20%.


Precipitation Climate Change Waste Water Evaporation Measurement Error 


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  • O. Bonacci
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Civil Engineering SciencesSplitYugoslavia

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