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Influence of an electric field on the rheological behavior of a dilute suspension of dipolar dumbbells in a viscoelastic oldroyd liquid

  • E. Yu. Taran
Viscosity Of Liquids


1. Rheological equations of state of a dilute suspension of dipolar dumbbels in a viscoelastic Oldroyd liquid have been obtained for a stationary orientation of suspended particles in steady flows and electric fields.

2. Study of the rheological properties of such a medium in simple shear flow in the presence of an electric field, the intensity vector of which lies in the shear plane and is perpendicular to the velocity vector, has shown that the medium examined conducts itself as a viscoelastic liquid. This is the result of both the viscoelastic properties of the dispersion medium and the orientation of the suspended particles under the action of frictional forces and the electric field. The effective viscosity of the suspension and difference in normal stresses resulting from the presence of the suspended particles are greater if one does not take the elastic properties of the dispersion medium into account.


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