Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp 397–401 | Cite as

Experimental-theoretical studies of the stability of orthotropic shells with a filler in axial compression

  • S. N. Sukhinin
  • V. I. Mikisheva
  • V. I. Smykov
Shells And Plates


1. An analysis has been made of the solution to the problem of the stability of multilayer cylindrical shells having a filler and simple calculation formulas have been obtained for determining the critical forces.

2. The stability of fiberglass-plastic shells with rubber-like fillers has been studied experimentally.

3. Comparative experimental-theoretical studies of critical forces have been made, and the stability coefficients have been ascertained for the shell class under consideration.


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  • S. N. Sukhinin
  • V. I. Mikisheva
  • V. I. Smykov

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