Theoretical and Applied Climatology

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Theoretical current and future indoor thermal preferendum for equatorial western and tropical South Pacific

  • G. R. McGregor


Current and future indoor thermal preferendum are estimated for a number of locations in the equatorial western and tropical South Pacific region. Current warm season mean monthly temperatures, for the majority of the study area, are in excess of predicted indoor thermal preferendum, indicating the need for either passive, or active cooling, of indoor environments. Comparison of accepted warm season thermostat settings, with theoretical preferred indoor temperatures, suggests that current indoor environments may be over airconditioned. Climatic change will lead to a divergence of environmental and preferred indoor temperatures. As a consequence, increased levels of airconditioning may be required. The possible energy savings that may result, due to the application of location specific thermostat settings, in line with preferred indoor thermal preferendum, are discussed for a Greenhouse forced warmer western equatorial and tropical South Pacific.


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  • G. R. McGregor
    • 1
  1. 1.Birmingham Climate and Atmospheric Research Centre, School of GeographyThe University of BirminghamBirminghamUnited Kingdom

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