Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 337–342 | Cite as

Characteristic features of the deformation process on creep and secondary creep of polymers under conditions of monaxial tensioning. Part I

  • I. Ya. Dzene
  • A. F. Kregers
  • U. K. Vilks


Experiments carried out in the field of linear and nonlinear creep of a filled polyethylene and Teflon resin, including two complete cycles of creep and deformation recovery at monaxial tensioning, show that the bulk deformations ϑ(t) change nonmonotonically, and relationships computed by summation of terms containing a function of time cannot be used to approximate the deformation.


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  • I. Ya. Dzene
  • A. F. Kregers
  • U. K. Vilks

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