Journal of engineering physics

, Volume 33, Issue 6, pp 1497–1503 | Cite as

The difference method of solving the conjugate problem of heat exchange during gas flow in a thick-walled channel between communicating vessels

  • G. T. Aldoshin
  • V. I. Zhuk
  • B. É. Kért
  • K. M. Shlyakhtina


An algorithm is developed for the numerical solution of a nonlinear system of differential equations describing the processes of gasdynamics and heat exchange during the transfer of gas from vessel to vessel through a flat, annular, or cylindrical channel with walls of finite thickness.


Differential Equation Statistical Physic Nonlinear System Heat Exchange Difference Method 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. T. Aldoshin
  • V. I. Zhuk
  • B. É. Kért
  • K. M. Shlyakhtina

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