Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp 855–860 | Cite as

Tensile strength of acrylic plastics (PPM) in the presence of a temperature gradient over the thickness of the material

  • B. I. Panshin
  • V. D. Kasyuk


Experimental values of the strength and deformation are presented for SO-95, SO-120, and SO-140 acrylic plastics (polymethyl methacrylate: plasticized, unplasticized, and copolymer) stressed in unaxial tension at v=10 mm/min, stationary temperature gradients of from 2.5 to 17.5 deg/mm over the thickness of the material, and a constant cold-face temperature of 25°C. The deformation properties under these conditions are described: in the presence of a temperature gradient the ultimate strains are higher than for a uniform temperature field at a temperature equal to the cold-face temperature, and the elongation at break falls as the hot-face temperature rises. The tensile strength of plastics with a temperature drop over the cross section can be approximately calculated from the mechanical characteristics obtained for a uniform temperature field.


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  • B. I. Panshin
  • V. D. Kasyuk

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