Comparative analysis of the applicability of AM1 and CNDO/2 methods for quantitative prediction of the35Cl NQR frequencies of RC-Cl compounds

  • V. A. Kirillovich
  • A. A. Bredikhin
Physical Chemistry Structure And Physicochemical Properties Of Molecules


The35Cl NQR frequencies of a series of RC-Cl compounds were calculated by the AM1 and CNDO/2 methods in the Townes-Dailey approximation. It was shown that neither of these methods can be directly used for the quantitative prediction of NQR frequencies, and their use in the correlation approach is only possible in narrow series. The AM1 method gives better results for saturated compounds.


nuclear quadrupole resonance semiempirical quantum chemical methods 


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  • V. A. Kirillovich
  • A. A. Bredikhin

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