Polyfluorophosphinazines in the synthesis of asymmetric polyfluoroketazines

  • G. G. Bargamov
  • A. A. Kadyrov
  • M. D. Bargamova
Brief Communications


A new method has been developed for the preparation of asymmetric polyfluoroketazines based on the reaction of polyfluorodialkyl ketone trialkylphosphinazines with perhaloketones. 1-Hydro-1,1,5,5-tetra(trifluoromethyl)-2-pentafluoroethyl-3,4-diaza-2,5-pentadiene and 1-hydro-1,1,5-tri(trifluoromethyl)-5-difluorochloromethyl-2-pentafluoroethyl-3,4-diaza-2,5-pentadiene were obtained in high yield.


polyfluorophosphinazines synthesis polyfluoroketazines 


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  • G. G. Bargamov
  • A. A. Kadyrov
  • M. D. Bargamova

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