Cobalt/silica gel system as a chemisorbent for oxygen

  • É. G. Aleshin
  • M. A. Alimov
  • G. A. Ashavskaya
  • K. I. Slovetskaya
Physical Chemistry Adsorption. Heterogeneous Catalysis


A study has been made of oxygen chemisorption and the phase composition of cobalt/silica gel samples containing from 1.1 to 7.7% Co by weight. Reduction in hydrogen leads to the formation of metallic cobalt with a crystal size of about 50 Å. The quantity of chemisorbed O2 at 20°C increases in proportion to the increase of [Co]. The uptake of O2 is essentially completed at 300°C with the formation of Co3O4. The high adsorption capacity for O2 is preserved unchanged in repetitive reduction-oxidation cycles. The residual content of O2 in the gas after passage through the layer of the cobalt/silica gel chemisorbent is 3·10−6% by volume.


adsorption oxygen gas purification reduction phase composition catalyst 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • É. G. Aleshin
  • M. A. Alimov
  • G. A. Ashavskaya
  • K. I. Slovetskaya

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