Synthesis of yttrium, lanthanum, neodymium, praseodymium, and lutetium alkoxides and acetylacetonates

  • V. V. Gavrilenko
  • L. A. Chekulaeva
  • I. A. Savitskaya
  • I. A. Garbuzova
Inorganic Chemistry


A convenient and practical method is proposed for the synthesis of lanthanide and yttrium alkoxides. The method involves dissolving the metals or their hydrides in a solution of dry HCl in the corresponding alcohol, with subsequent dehalogenation of the LnCl3 solution by an equivalent amount of alkali metal (Na, Li), The rareearth alkoxides are easily converted into acetylacetonates Ln(acac)3 by the action of acetylacetone.


lanthanide alkoxides lanthanide acetylacetonates synthesis yttrium lanthanum praseodymium lutetium 


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  • V. V. Gavrilenko
  • L. A. Chekulaeva
  • I. A. Savitskaya
  • I. A. Garbuzova

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