Photochemical and thermal transformations of diazo derivatives of 1-aryloxy- and 1-arylthio-2-aminoanthraquinones

  • L. S. Klimenko
  • I. Ya. Mainagashev
  • E. P. Fokin
Physical Chemistry Thermodynamics


In the photochemical and thermal decomposition of diazonium derivatives of 1-aryloxy- and 1-arylthio-2-aminoanthraquinones in CH 3 COOH and dioxane, high yields of intramolecular arylation products — anthra-[2, 1-d]-4-tert-butylbenzo-[b]-furan-and anthra-[2, 1-d]-4-tert-butylbenzo-[b]-thiophene-8,13-diones — are formed. It was established that 2-azo derivatives of 1-aryloxy- and 1-acyloxyanthraquinones synthesized on the basis of the diazonium salts are stable under photolysis conditions.


photolysis thermal decomposition 1-aryloxy- and 1-arylthio-2-aminoanthraquinones 


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  • L. S. Klimenko
  • I. Ya. Mainagashev
  • E. P. Fokin

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