Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics

, Volume 66, Issue 2, pp 141–148 | Cite as

Mathematical modeling of aerodynamics and physicochemical processes in the freeboard region of a circulating fluidized bed furnace. 2. Interaction of particles (pseudoturbulence)

  • B. B. Rokhman
  • A. A. Shraiber


Formulas are obtained for determining the energy generation and dissipation rates of random (turbulent and pseudoturbulent) motion of particles due their collisions and the effect of the aerodynamic drag force. The averaged force of interparticle interaction, pseudoturbulent transfer coefficients for the “gas” of particles, and other quantities are calculated which are necessary to complete the set of equations describing the aerodynamics of the pneumatic transport zone of a circulating fluidized bed reactor [1].


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  • B. B. Rokhman
  • A. A. Shraiber

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