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Polypeptide growth factors and the kidney: a developmental perspective

  • Ellis D. Avner
Basic Science Review


A variety of polypeptides with stimulatory or inhibitory effects on cell proliferation have been identified. In addition to stimulating or inhibiting the proliferation of cells and maintaining their viability, polypeptide growth factors play significant roles in embryogenesis and differentiation. The current review focuses on five specific polypeptide growth factor families (epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factors, transforming growth factors, platelet-derived growth factor, and fibroblast growth factors) and discusses their possible relationship to normal renal physiology, abnormal renal pathophysiology, and renal organogenesis. On the basis of current data, it is clear that polypeptide growth factors are multifunctional agents with important effects on renal function and renal organogenesis.

Key words

Polypeptide growth factors Epidermal growth factor Insulin-like growth factor Transforming growth factor Platelet-derived growth factor Fibroblast growth factor Renal differentiation Organogenesis 


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