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Renal function following unilateral nephrectomy for neuroblastoma and Wilms' tumour

  • Matthias Schell
  • Pierre Cochat
  • Aoumeur Hadj-Aïssa
  • Eric Bouffet
  • Laurence Dubourg
  • Maud Brunat-Mentigny
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To estimate the side effects of chemotherapy and the influence of age at the time of nephrectomy on renal function, we investigated renal function in 34 uninephrectomised children with neuroblastoma (NB) or Wilms' tumour (WT). The results were compared with 6 controls who underwent nephrectomy for non-malignant disease. Study of renal function was primarily based on the clearance of inulin and para-aminohippuric acid (Cin andCPAH, ml/min per 1.73 m2). No significant differences inCin/CPAH (mean±SD) were found between the NB group (90±24/421±95), WT group (85±17/386±104) and the controls (93±13/430±61). Children with NB and WT were divided into two subgroups according to the theoretical nephrotoxic risk. There was no significant difference in renal function between NB or between WT subgroups. Cumulative cisplain doses in children with NB did not affect renal function significantly. The age at time of unilateral nephrectomy (≤2 years vs. ≥2 years) was not associated with a higher risk of renal damage in WT children, whereas in NB children the filtration fraction (Cin:CPAH) was higher in younger children (mean±SD: 0.243±0.023 vs. 0.191±0.041). In conclusion, uninephrectomised children with NB are supposed to have a higher risk of drug-induced renal impairment compared with those with WT. Our data do not confirm this hypothesis, since renal function was comparable to controls in both groups, except in younger patients with NB who show a high filtration fraction. Since the survival of children with NB has improved, a longer follow-up of their renal function in needed.

Key words

Drug-induced renal impairment Neuroblastoma Nephroblastoma Glomerular filtration rate Uninephrectomy 


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  • Matthias Schell
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  • Pierre Cochat
    • 1
  • Aoumeur Hadj-Aïssa
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  • Eric Bouffet
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  • Laurence Dubourg
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  • Maud Brunat-Mentigny
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  2. 2.Service d'Exploration Fonctionnelle RénaleHôpital Edouard Herriot et Université Claude BernardLyon Cedex 03France
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  4. 4.Abteilung II der Universitäts-KinderklinikTübingenGermany

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