Polymer mechanics

, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 86–91 | Cite as

Estimation of the stability of the strength of glass-reinforced plastics in conical shells

  • Yu. N. Ivonin
  • M. I. Dushin
  • N. V. Nesterovskii


On the basis of a statistical analysis of the test data it is shown that there is a difference between the mechanical characteristics (in tension and compression) of laminated glass-reinforced plastics obtained under laboratory and industrial conditions by impregnation under pressure in a closed mold. The stability of the strength properties of the glass-reinforced plastic in various conical shells, produced in large batches, is considered. Certain experimental relations between the material properties and the total number of shells produced are also established.


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  • Yu. N. Ivonin
  • M. I. Dushin
  • N. V. Nesterovskii

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