Evaporation of liquids from cylindrical vessels under conditions of free concentrational convection in a gas phase

  • Yu. G. Izmailov
  • N. M. Pisarev
  • G. P. Vyatkin


An analytical solution is obtained for the axisymmetric problem of free concentrational convection in a vapor-gas mixture with isothermal evaporation of liquids from open cylindrical vessels. Formulas are derived to calculate concentration fields, local and integral mass fluxes of vapor. A comparative analysis of the results of analytical and numerical simulation is carried out for the processes of the evaporation of liquids under the conditions of convective mass transfer.


Evaporation Convection Mass Transfer Statistical Physic Comparative Analysis 
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pressure, Pa


density, kg/m3


velocity, m/sec

η, ν

dynamic and kinematic viscosity, Pa·sec, m2/sec


diffusion coefficient, m2/sec

ω1, ω2

mass fractions of vapor and gas in a mixture


free fall acceleration, m/sec2


molar masses of vapor and gas, kg/kmole

νr, νz

radial and axial components of the velocity of a gas-vapor mixture, m/sec

r, z

cylindrical coordinates, m

R, H

radius and height of vessel, m


local mass flux of vapor, kg/(m2·sec)


vessel cross-sectional area-averaged mass flux of vapor, kg/(m2·sec)


vessel cross-sectional area-averaged mass flux


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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1996

Authors and Affiliations

  • Yu. G. Izmailov
  • N. M. Pisarev
  • G. P. Vyatkin

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