Analysis of heat transfer in the furnace of the P-67 boiler P-67 furnace and improvement of its design

  • O. G. Shishkanov
  • Yu. V. Kovalev
  • S. V. Sryvkov


The results of experimental study of heat transfer in the furnace of the P-67 boiler (under the Russian trademark) burning Kansk-Achinsk coal are presented. Means of improving the design of the furnace device are proposed.


Burning Heat Transfer Furnace Experimental Study Statistical Physic 
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energy unit power, MW


furnace air excess coefficient


gas recirculation degree


incident radiation flux density, kW/m2


spacing between the combustion chamber walls, m


burner width, m


number of the burner row, starting from below

α and α

inclination angles of the burners located in front of and behind the combustion chamber axis


diameter of the conventional circumference, tangential to which the burners are directed, m


heat-stress of the radiant heat absorbing surface of the active combustion zone, MW/m2


furnace-mean thermal efficiency of deflecting walls


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Authors and Affiliations

  • O. G. Shishkanov
  • Yu. V. Kovalev
  • S. V. Sryvkov

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