Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp 752–756 | Cite as

Investigation of the deformation of a rubbery network polymer (SKN-40) in various types of states of stress

  • G. M. Bartenev
  • V. P. Nikiforov


From the experimental data on equilibrium uniaxial and nonsymmetrical and symmetrical biaxial tension and pure and mixed shear it follows that the deformation behavior of SKN-40 crosslinked butadiene-nitrile copolymer is more accurately described by the Bartenev-Khazanovich high-elastic potential. The potential of the classical statistical theory of high elasticity of network polymers does not describe different types of states of stress with the same value of the material constant.


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  • G. M. Bartenev
  • V. P. Nikiforov

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