Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp 529–534 | Cite as

Problem of evaluation of activation energy from the temperature-rate dependences of strength

  • T. V. Shamraevskaya
  • V. M. Shchukin
  • V. E. Gul'


1. A method has been developed for treating the experimental data on strength, obtained under conditions of uniaxial extension at ve = const.

2. It has been proposed that the deformation-strength properties of polymers of different structures be characterized by the value of coefficient L, i.e., by the relative lowering of the potential barrier of degradation under the action of mechanical stress.

3. A high structure sensitivity of the proposed strength characteristics has been shown using vulcanized rubbers with different structure of the vulcanized lattice point as examples.


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  • T. V. Shamraevskaya
  • V. M. Shchukin
  • V. E. Gul'

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