Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 9, Issue 6, pp 972–975 | Cite as

Apparatus for investigating glass-laminate fatigue strength and damage accumulation in cantilever bending

  • Yu. I. Kizima
  • K. G. Kirilov
  • S. L. Skalozub


A description is given of an electromechanical resonance apparatus for fatigue testing glass-laminate specimens in alternating cantilever bending at a frequency of 20 Hz in the heavy-duty loading regime. The apparatus creates dynamic strains in the specimen with amplitudes up to 0.8% and also measures and records the resonant frequency (period) of the vibrations, which is taken as a characteristic of mechanical damage accumulation in the specimen.


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  • Yu. I. Kizima
  • K. G. Kirilov
  • S. L. Skalozub

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