Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 958–961 | Cite as

Effect of filler structure on strength of some carbon composites

  • E. T. Zarechenskii
  • V. Ya. Khentov
  • L. A. Kralin
  • V. A. Chernykh
  • N. O. Gusman
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Filler structure and its connection with the strength of composite graphite-plastic materials have been studied. It has been shown that the filler surface affects the cross-linking conditions of the polymeric binder, which determines the mechanical properties of the material. The dependence of the strength of graphite plastics on dimensions of the filler crystallites can be represented by an equation of the Petch type, in which the coefficients have a definite physical meaning.


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  • E. T. Zarechenskii
  • V. Ya. Khentov
  • L. A. Kralin
  • V. A. Chernykh
  • N. O. Gusman

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