Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp 845–848 | Cite as

Relationship between internal stresses and rheological properties

  • Yu. V. Nikitin
  • B. I. Shapiro
  • T. G. Shlyakhova
Brief Communications


It is shown that, under practically identical viscous-shear conditions, the correlation between orientation and relaxation processes taking place in an extruder die is different for different brands and batches of shock-resistant polystyrene. It has been found that the material with the the higher orientation tendency in the viscous-fluid state in the die is oriented more strongly at the same conditions in the Mackian elasticity state in the reception and pulling of the extruded polymer. It is shown that the thermal shrinkage of the sheets correlates reasonably well with the degree of swelling and the Mackian elasticity deformation of the polymer.


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  • Yu. V. Nikitin
  • B. I. Shapiro
  • T. G. Shlyakhova

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