Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 233–236 | Cite as

Certain results of an experimental study of the stress distribution at the end of a monofilament

  • M. I. Vil'chek


The present article gives the results of a polarization-optical investigation of the stress pattern at the end of a round aluminum rod in a sheet of ÉD-6M epoxy resin. The problem was solved for a pseudoplane in the elastic approximation. The distribution pattern for the principal stresses and the stresses τxy, σx, and σy over the specimen is given. It was found that the points of maximum stress τxy in transverse sections of the specimen did not lie at the fiber surface. The radial stresses σy had a weakening effect on the bonding at the interface with the medium. The results are discussed and compared with those of other authors.


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  • M. I. Vil'chek

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