Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 7, Issue 6, pp 893–900 | Cite as

Creep and long-time strength of oriented glass-reinforced plastics in interlaminar shear

  • A. L. Tunik
  • V. T. Tomashevskii


The creep and long-time strength in interlaminar shear and the creep in compression in the direction of the reinforcement have been experimentally investigated for certain types of oriented glass-reinforced plastics. The specimens in the interlaminar creep tests took the form of short beams loaded in bending. The experimental creep data for shear and compression are well described by the hereditary theory with a kernel of the Abel type (shear) or in the form of a Rabotnov function (compression). If the stresses are constant in time, good agreement with experiment is also given by Findley's form of the aging theory. A deformation criterion of interlaminar shear strength is also obtained. The experimental curves and values of the creep and long-time strength constants are presented.


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  • A. L. Tunik
  • V. T. Tomashevskii

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