Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 612–621 | Cite as

Mechanism of failure of reinforced beams in bending

1. Shear failure
  • Yu. V. Nemirovskii
  • B. S. Reznikov


The mechanism of shear failure is investigated. A theoretical analysis makes it possible to determine the limits of shear failure of reinforced beams in relation to the geometric parameters of the beam, the mechanical properties of the reinforcement and the resin, their volume content, and the loading and support conditions. The results obtained are consistent with the experimental data of [1]. It is shown that in the process of shear failure the axial displacement distribution is modified and that the shear failure mechanism depends on the type of loading and the support conditions.


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  • Yu. V. Nemirovskii
  • B. S. Reznikov

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