Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 4, Issue 4–6, pp 705–708 | Cite as

Effect of lubricating greases on rubber-metal sliding friction at high temperatures

  • G. M. Bartenev
  • B. S. Tsybuk
  • S. L. Rybalov
  • E. B. Gridunova
  • G. F. Ogorodnikova


The effect of sliding velocity and temperature on the lubricating action of greases has been investigated under constant and variable temperature conditions. The most important factor is the friction temperature. Two different temperature regions, separated by a change in the type of friction, have been detected. A method has been developed for evaluating the lubricating effect of greases.


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© Consultants Bureau 1972

Authors and Affiliations

  • G. M. Bartenev
  • B. S. Tsybuk
  • S. L. Rybalov
  • E. B. Gridunova
  • G. F. Ogorodnikova

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