Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 652–655 | Cite as

Energy dissipation from an extrudate in the gap between the screw rib and the extruder shell

  • I. N. Kaufman
  • S. V. Zakharkinskaya
  • A. N. Nekhoroshev
  • M. B. Generalov
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A dimensionless equation is derived for determining the energy dissipation between the screw rib and the sleeve of an extruder for a Newtonian model extrudate. The parameter ranges, within which the pressure at the exit from the screw and some geometrical parameters do not affect the dissipation, are indicated.


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  • I. N. Kaufman
  • S. V. Zakharkinskaya
  • A. N. Nekhoroshev
  • M. B. Generalov

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