Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 558–564 | Cite as

Load-bearing capacity of compressible plates of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic with different placement of the reinforcement

  • V. V. Khitrov
  • N. P. Zhmud
  • A. I. Beil


The effect of placement of reinforcement on the load-bearing capacity of circular and rectangular plates compressible in the reinforcement plane was evaluated experimentally. Four placement schemes for circular plates and nine for rectangular plates were investigated. Different schemes of supporting the edges were studied. Two mechanisms of exhaustion of the bearing capacity were revealed. A numerical evaluation and comparison of different placement schemes with respect to the value of the critical and breaking load are given. The role of the actual realization of clamping and nonlinearity of the material is shown. A comparison with analytic relations taking into account the characteristics of the material is given.


Numerical Evaluation Rectangular Plate Analytic Relation Circular Plate Actual Realization 
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  • V. V. Khitrov
  • N. P. Zhmud
  • A. I. Beil

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