Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 396–400 | Cite as

Effect of loading regime on the heating of plastics subjected to cyclic deformation

  • S. B. Ratner
  • S. T. Buglo


In cyclic loading in the W = const and ε0 = const regimes, as in the σ0 = const regime, both a low-temperature and a high-temperature thermal regime may exist, with an abrupt transition from the former to the latter. The effect of the loading regime on the temperature dependence of the hysteresis temperature rise ΔT, which depends on the elastohysteresis properties of the material, results in the following relationship between the critical temperature rises: ΔT 0 c ≤ΔT W c ≤ΔT ɛ c .


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  • S. B. Ratner
  • S. T. Buglo

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