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Dynamics of the cavitation zone during an underwater explosion near a free surface

  • V. K. Kedrinskii


The problem of the development of the cavitation zone and the rarefaction wave profile in the region of regular reflection of the spherical shock wave of an underwater explosion from a free surface is analyzed for the axisymmetric formulation within the framework of a model of the two-phase medium consisting of a liquid with cavitation nuclei of the free gas uniformly distributed in it. An example of the calculation of the rarefaction wave profile and the zone of visible cavitation at different times is given for the case of the explosion of 1-g charge at depths of 3 and 5.3 cm for an initial volumetric gas concentration of 10−11 and an initial cavitation nucleus radius of 5 · 10−5 cm. The results of the calculation are compared with experiment.


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  • V. K. Kedrinskii
    • 1
  1. 1.Novosibirsk

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