Plane one-dimensional stationary flow of an ideal charged gas in its own electric field

  • Yu. A. Nagel


The plane one-dimensional flow of an incompressible gas consisting of a neutral and a charged component in its own electric field has been investigated by Stuetzer [1]. Stuetzer's results are valid when the electrostatic pressure is small compared with the hydraulic pressure. In the present paper an analogous problem is considered for a compressible gas under the more general assumption that the pressures are comparable. Three cases are analyzed: a) the velocity of the relative motion of the charged and the neutral particles is equal to zero; b) it is nonvanishing but the flow can be assumed to be approximately isentropic; c) a nonisentropic flow, i.e., one cannot ignore irreversible losses due to the relative motion of the charged and neutral particles. In the first two cases, closed solutions are obtained.


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  • Yu. A. Nagel
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  1. 1.Moscow

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