A quadrature of the two-dimensional equations of the hydrodynamics of an incompressible ideal liquid and a model of the flow around convex symmetric bodies with suction or injection

  • V. E. Firstov


A class of solutions of the steady-state hydrodynamic equations of an incompressible liquid has been considered in the Euler approximation when the pressure field is described by an additive function of the form P(x; y)=F(x)+G(y). It turns out that this class of solutions includes potential flows such as wave motion of a liquid with a finite depth, a flow inside a right angle, and a hypersonic gas flow around a sphere in the approximation of constant density near the stagnation point. Among nonpotential flows, this class includes, in particular, a hypersonic flow around a cylinder. The results obtained are used to construct a model of a flow around convex symmetric bodies with suction or injection. This model can be of interest in solving some problems of physicochemical technology, for example, separation of gas mixtures and isotopes.


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