The flow of a nonequilibrium ionized radiating gas around a body with consideration of temperature difference between electrons and ions

  • L. B. Gavin
  • Yu. P. Lun'kin


The flow around a blunt body at hypersonic speed by a current of nonequilibrium ionized monatomic nonviscous radiating gas is studied, with consideration of temperature difference between the electron gas and the ion-atom gas. Atomic excitation due to collisions with electrons and subsequent ionization, as well as photoionization, are taken into consideration. Since the value of the shock wave separation is small in comparison with the characteristic dimension of the body, the radiation transfer equation is written in the local onedimensional planar layer approximation. The influence of incident flow parameters upon the flow field across the shock wave and the distribution of radiation thermal flux are studied.


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  • L. B. Gavin
  • Yu. P. Lun'kin

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