Aldehyde oxidase distribution in the imaginal discs of some diptera

  • Th. E. Sprey


In the imaginal discs ofMusca domestica, Drosophila melanogaster, D. simulans, D. hydei, andZaprionus spec. the enzyme aldehyde oxidase (AO) appeared in a clear-cut pattern. In the leg and eye-antennal discs of these species this pattern shows a high degree of conformity, while that of the wing and haltere discs is species-specific.

No aldehyde oxidase activity was detected in the imaginal discs ofCalliphora erythrocephala, Phormia regina orLucilia cuprina, but the discs of these species are characterized by grossly similar patterns of 5′-nucleotidase. Since the other species studied lack this enzyme, the two enzymes may perform similar functions in the morphogenesis of the discs.

The coincidence of the sharp boundary of the AO pattern in the leg and wing discs ofD. melanogaster with the boundary between the anterior and posterior disc compartments gives a strong indication for the existence of analogous compartments in other discs showing a similar sharply bounded AO pattern. Compartmentalization may be considered a general phenomenon which occurs in discs of all segments and is not restricted toD. melanogaster. From the changes in the AO pattern during disc development it can be deduced that the localisation of this enzyme is regulated by supracellular determination involving positional information.

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