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, Volume 186, Issue 3, pp 267–271 | Cite as

A clonal analysis of the relationship of duplicated bristles inDrosophila

  • F. M. A. van Breugel
  • Q. J. M. van der Aart
Short Communication


Two possible mechanisms are considered for the occurrence of experimentally or genetically induced duplications of bristles: extra cell division of a bristle mother cell versus determination of more than one mother cell. From a clonal analysis it appears that duplications induced by actinomycin-D arise by the latter mechanism, whereas those found in the mutantspl seem to arise by the former mechanism.

Key words

Drosophila Bristle formation Differential divisions Clonal analysis 


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© Springer-Verlag 1979

Authors and Affiliations

  • F. M. A. van Breugel
    • 1
  • Q. J. M. van der Aart
    • 1
  1. 1.Genetisch Laboratorium der RijksuniversiteitLeidenThe Netherlands

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