International Applied Mechanics

, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 96–100 | Cite as

Stress state of laminated slabs with nonrigid contact between the layers

  • N. D. Pankratova
  • A. A. Mukoed


There have been many studies of the stress distribution in nonuniform laminated media in general and, in particular, the stress distribution in multilayered slabs with nonuniform layers. The interest in this subject stems in part from its practical importance and in part from the need to account for material nonuniformity and solve problems in three-dimensional formulations. The cases that have been most thoroughly studied are those in which the layers are regarded as orthotropic media working together without slip or separation [1, 5–7, etc.]. The problems are complicated considerably and must be solved numerically when allowance is made for nonrigid contact between the layers of nonuniform anisotropic media.


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  • N. D. Pankratova
  • A. A. Mukoed

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