Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 108, Issue 6, pp 1724–1728 | Cite as

Regulation of DNA synthesis by fibronectin and its proteolysis products in skin fibroblasts of healthy donors and patients with systemic scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis

  • O. Yu. Abakumova
  • N. G. Kutsenko
  • A. F. Panasyuk
Biochemistry and Biophysics

Key Words

fibronectin and its fragments human skin fibroblasts DNA systemic scleroderma rheumatoid arthritis 


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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1990

Authors and Affiliations

  • O. Yu. Abakumova
  • N. G. Kutsenko
  • A. F. Panasyuk

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