Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 88, Issue 4, pp 1135–1137 | Cite as

Effects of antihistamines on the action of bradykinin

  • G. Ya. Shvarts


Antihistamines, namely Dimedrol (diphenhydramine), Diprazin (Pipolphen), Tavegyl, and Suprastin, reduced the spasmogenic effects of bradykinin and the increased permeability of the microvessels caused by this polypeptide, in isolated segments of guinea pig ileum and also in rats and guinea pigs. The antibradykinin action of the antihistamines is nonspecific in character. No correlation was found between the chemical structure and intensity of the antibradykinin action of the various histamines tested.

Key Words

antihistamines bradykinin smooth muscle microvessels 


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  • G. Ya. Shvarts

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