The motor function of the intestine when the stomach is empty

  • V. G. Startsev


Three types of motor function of duodenum were revealed in chronic experiments on 4 dogs with gastric and duodenal fistulas. The first two types pertain to periodic function, while the third is a continuous intestinal motor function. In prolonged experiments the periodic duodenal motor function of the first and second type is changed into continuous contraction of the third type, which demonstrates the changes in the functional condition of the digestive tract. The first two types of motor function reflect the individual peculiarities of the digestive tract of various animals since one is not changed into another. An interrelationship was established between different forms of gastric and duodenal motor functions.


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  • V. G. Startsev
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  1. 1.Institute of Experimental Pathology and TherapyAcademy of Medical Sciences USSRSukhimi

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