Measurement Techniques

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Spectrometer channel with an Si(Li) detector for an x-ray fluorescence coating-thickness gauge

  • N. F. Shkola
  • O. V. Ignat'ev
  • M. Ya. Mokobotskii
Linear and Angular Measurements


The use of a linear amplifier with a time dependant former (DL + RC + C discharge) in a spectrometer channel enables us to maintain a high energy resolution up to charges of 2.104 pps with low energy x-ray quanta.

The use of a spectrometer channel together with an Si(Li) detector in the measurement channel of a thickness gauge enables us to determine the thickness of coatings incorporating elements with Z > 19. The high energy resolution of the tract enables us to measure the thickness of coatings in cases where the elements in the coating and base have neighboring atomic numbers together with the thickness of multicomponent coatings, and also to determine their compositions. The high charge capacity of the channel increases the speed of measurement.


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  • N. F. Shkola
  • O. V. Ignat'ev
  • M. Ya. Mokobotskii

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