Administration in mental health

, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 249–262 | Cite as

The rapid growth and reduction of recipient rights protection staffing

  • Carol T. Mowbray
  • Janet L. Coye
  • Paul P. Freddolino
  • Laurie Smith


The Office of Recipient Rights (ORR) in the Michigan Department of Mental Health was established in 1975, with the passage of a new Mental Health Code. This paper describes its growth and decline in response to economic change and other factors. The authors describe the effects of these changes and suggest that they are relevant to other programs as well. They also recommend ways in which programs to protect patients' rights can be strengthened.


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  • Carol T. Mowbray
  • Janet L. Coye
  • Paul P. Freddolino
  • Laurie Smith

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