Measurement Techniques

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Estimating the accuracy of measuring the diffusion constants of a gas in a solid

  • R. I. Van'kovich
  • I. V. Semchishin
General Problems of Metrology and Measurement Techniques


The measurement of the permeability of a gas in a solid with the aid of a PV meter and an automatic-compression manometer in the range of flow values 10−5–10−3 W is characterized by a relative error of no more than 10–15%. Systematic errors are evidently not very serious.

The measurement of the diffusion coefficient D and solubility S of a gas in a solid using the methods here considered involves quite large errors, of the order of 50 and 60%, respectively, and considerable systematic deviations.


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  • R. I. Van'kovich
  • I. V. Semchishin

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