Measurement Techniques

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Systematization of variables and designing sets of standards

  • V. V. Skotnikov
  • V. I. Fominykh
  • M. F. Yudin
Ionizing Radiation Measurements


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    The proposed system of units is, in our view, a complete one for the types of radiations in question, since it incorporates all of the existing physical standards as well as physical standards in the developmental stage, and since it has application to potentially possible physical standards or sets of physical standards.

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    The system (see Table 1) shows that we lack at the present time some of the practically important physical standards, such as a proton flux standard or a proton flux density standard, a type which is needed first of all in cosmic-ray research and in space research.

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    Consistency in measurements can be best assured by devising physical standards capable of reproducing the basic units of measurements of variables and constants fully characterizing the specific type of radiation.

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    In our opinion, differential characteristics are also typical of other domains of measurements, such as electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical.


It would appear that physical standards will be of a complex nature in the future, in the sense that the physical standard will reproduce the dimensions of several physical quantities interrelated by appropriate laws. As an example, we point out that the question of how to devise a single set of physical standards capable of simultaneously reproducing the dimensions of the units of frequency, length, and time has been posed at the present time.


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  • V. I. Fominykh
  • M. F. Yudin

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