Measurement Techniques

, Volume 17, Issue 9, pp 1396–1398 | Cite as

Measurement methods used in the investigation of mechanical stresses on rotating machine elements

  • B. Z. Vainshtein
  • R. G. Tabatadze
Mechanical Measurements


  1. 1.

    Radio-telemetric devices promise good results when used in investigations into stress and strain conditions in rotating parts of important objects.

  2. 2.

    It is necessary to organize commercial production of compact equipment with built-in power sources for remote transmission of the signals of strain gauges mounted on moving objects.

  3. 3.

    Since the operational results of Russian prototypes of magnetic tape recording devices produced positive results it is necessary to examine the problem of the commercial production of magnetic recording equipment.



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  • B. Z. Vainshtein
  • R. G. Tabatadze

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