Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp 366–372 | Cite as

Change in structure and properties of the weld joints of Cr−Mo−V steel steam pipe in long service

  • R. E. Mazel
  • M. M. Melamed
  • V. A. Lappa
  • I. I. Talysheva
High-Temperature Strength Steels and Alloys


1.The structure, mechanical properties, high-temperature strength, and tendency toward brittle fracture of the weld joints in 12Kh1MF steel remain quite stable during service at 565\dgC for 120,000h.

Additional thermal diffusion aging at the same temperature for 80,000 h does not lead to a significant change in structure and properties. li]2.|With a service time exceeding 250,000 h displacement of the high-temperature branch of the logarithmic decrement of damping \gd into the area of operating temperatures (545\2-565\dgC) may be expected. li]3.|The results obtained may be used in determination of the life of steam pipe weld joints.


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  • R. E. Mazel
  • M. M. Melamed
  • V. A. Lappa
  • I. I. Talysheva

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