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Some geographical remarks on education and prints in the languages of ethnic groups in Romania

  • Buza Mircea 
  • Ianoş Ioan 


The network of undergraduate schools comprises 2,336 schools and sections in towns and the countryside, especially in Transylvania, Crişana, Maramureş and Banat. Preschool and primary education is given in Hungarian, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Croat, Turkish, Polish and the Gypsy languages. Secondary and high-schools function only in Hungarian, German and Serbian. Instruction in Hungarian, German, Serbian, Slovak and the Ukrainian languages is given within some sections opened at certain secondary and high-schools. Publications, however, are far more numerous — newspapers and journals, magazines and reviews are issued in sixteen languages: Hungarian, German, Gypsy, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Armenian, Yiddish, Greek, Polish, Italian and Albanian. Some of these publications are bilingual, articles being written in Romanian, too, and others only in Romanian.


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