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A discussion of terms for the description of the space-time of relief

  • Ufimtsev Gennadi 


The spatial-temporal structure of relief in space and time can be described in terms based on three initial concepts: spatial organisation, hierarchical succession, and morphological succession. The indivisible space-time of relief is defined by five dimensional coordinates: time, three coordinates of Euclidean space, coordinate expressing the group of characteristics, that is the level of organisation achieved. Because of the indivisible nature of space-time geomorphology needs to rediscover the significance of time.


Environmental Management Euclidean Space Spatial Organisation Initial Concept Morphological Succession 
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  • Ufimtsev Gennadi 
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  1. 1.Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian BranchInstitute of the Earth's CrustIrkutskRussia

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